Exhibition at Arcadecardiff, Cardiff, called John Cale made me a Woman. The show was inspired by a first meeting with Cale, when working for Wales at Venice. He treated me like a chauffeur, until he realised that I was in charge. Well, not really. The show had two parts, a more open space with drawings and clothing, and a second anti-room which was made into a shrine/grotto. Embroidery skill was done by Liz Taylor, not that one, but the one. Clothing printing was done by Shaun James, from Printhaus; the painting of Cale on the shrine mirror was by Richard Higlett, who also sourced some Cale background singalong tunes. There were some zine/artist books; and an evening of John Cale covers by local musicians, held in a nearby bar, Artigiano. Thanks.

Arcade + Campfa

john cale made me a woman