Rhiannon, Ducky, could you read the label, please?


"Things I've done:


"Drawings, made some of them, put some shows on, drawings, installations. Did a few performances, talks really, but with noise, sound, a bass guitar that I kick a bit. I sang a little on the last one. Been working for a magazine, called CCQ, that's been great, but we lost our backer, hmmmn. Prior to that, worked as an exhibitions officer in mid Wales, I was a curator's bitch in Cardiff afterwards. Managed artists and their residencies in north Wales, thoroughly got up to my neck in Wales at Venice, oh yeh. Done an MA in museum stuff, studied painting and drawing originally, worked in Scarborough, Hull, Sheffield; all gallery, art palaver, you know"


What about below that, I can see there's small print.


"Loves a job in a charity shop"


Oh, yeh, nice. Thanks for that, feel I know a bit about you now. Come on then, over here my love.... Oh wait, is there more?


"Cekca het"

about me, yeah

Get in touch here, why not: rhi.annonlowe [at] yahoo.co.uk


For a few more things, see my page on axisweb here